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Friday, January 09, 2009

Trek Bowl

According to TrekMovie, an ad for the new Star Trek movie will air during this year's Super Bowl. Now I'm faced with a real conundrum: do I sit through three or four hours of sports on the off-chance of seeing some new footage from the film? There's a good chance they might just air the same old trailer. On the other hand, Super Bowl ads are famous for their cleverness - what if Paramount comes up with something really cool?

Ay ay ay. What to do, what to do? I suppose the ad will run on the Internet the next day, anyway...


Anonymous said...

This year's Superbowl is problematic. Advertisers do not want to seem extravagant in the midst of the current economic event. Quite a few are baulking at paying the millions of dollars required to get air time. Based on this, I would expect the Superbowl ads to be mostly tamer than usual.

Strangely, a large portion of the Superbowl audience tunes in to see commercials, myself included. Usually the game is a yawner, especially compared to the much more action-oriented CFL product.

I think you can expect the cream of the commercial crop to show up in the first half of the game. Usually, the half-time show steals the thunder from the commercials that follow it.

You could always PVR or (insert grimacing emoticon here)tape the show and blip through the parts you don't want to see. I would expect the ST teaser to be the same as what has been seen before, but you never know.

Usually, the most talked-about commercials come from Budwieser beer. However, with a) the economy, and b) Bud having been bought out by the Dickensian InBev megacorporation, it remains to be seen if Bud will celebrate firing more than 10% of its work force over the holiday season with talking horse farts during the Superbowl.

Earl J. Woods said...

"InBev?" Wow. Sounds like something out of William Gibson.

The TrekMovie article I linked to suggests that movie studios will continue to buy SuperBowl ad time because, historically, people still seek out entertainment during bad economic times. Personally, I'm not sure if past trends will repeat themselves this time around, but the theory is interesting nonetheless.

Totty said...

2 important things to note here:
1) The ads always end up on the news, and now even the internet, shortly afterwards

2) Here in Canada, when a Canadian channel is broadcasting the shame show/event, the Canadian feed gets shown on the American channel as well, so you don't get to see the fancy American ads. You used to get the unadulterated American feeds on the pay/digital channels, but with Canadian channels movie to HD, I'm finding it happening again.

Earl J. Woods said...

Deliverance from football! IPU be praised.