Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wrestling Warriors

It's a shoe commercial! It's a music video! But heck if it isn't catchy, with a couple of cool special effects that would look great in a superhero film. I don't know who A-Trak is, but I'm quite fond of the work of Foster the People and Kimbra.

I really need to take a music appreciate course or two so that I can better articulate why certain songs move me. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

These Precious Illusions Resonate

Not long before I met Sylvia, I was captivated by this song and its music video. Not only do I love the music itself--and I'm afraid I still lack the vocabulary to describe why--the lyrics, at the time, really gave me a window into how some women, in some situations, approach relationships and romance. I mean, I was and am still pretty clueless about this sort of thing, even after over a decade of marriage, but if nothing else, Alanis Morissette made me think about a woman's perspective in a different way. Too bad I hadn't learned that lesson ten or twelve years earlier - I might have saved myself some embarrassment. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

New Minions, New Paladins

Or maybe this is just a string of words that sound interesting together...

Cantankerous Melancholy
Jupiter Speedbump
Castaway Bypass
Handlebar Eggplant
Gruesome Satisfaction
Perturbed Palindrome
Halfway Meandering
Naughty Juicer
Vicious Poltroon
Habitat Frequency
Champion Underbite
Adidas Furthermore
Precious Soundbite
Addled Greenery
Forthright Menace
Pancake Betrayal
Wholesome Intruder
Profound Cement
Ruckus Catastrophe
Hooligan Nightmare
Parsimonious Adder
Bubble Knife
Radar Path
Stuttering Cavern
Jalapeno Surprise
Startled Ultimatum
Contraption Bingo