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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mexican Sendoff, Part Two

While Sylvia and I took great pains to prevent me from yet again getting heat stroke and sunburn in the middle of a vacation, the Mexican sun turned out to be too powerful for both of us. A couple of days of fooling around in the pool gave both of us pretty nasty burns despite our efforts to repeatedly slather ourselves with the most powerful sunblock available.
At this point, however, we were both ignorant of the damage we were doing to our skin, and blithely moved on to scratch an important item from Sylvia's bucket list: swimming with dolphins. Here are the highlights of that experience:
Sylvia proved an adept dolphin rider. Dolphin Riders of Quintana Roo...might make a good adventure series.
I managed to avoid drowning, but I did swallow quite a bit of salt water.
The dolphin gave me a kiss to help me feel better. Fresh!
To reiterate an earlier post, swimming with dolphins would never have occurred to me independently, but I'm very glad Sylvia convinced me to do it.

Here are some special bonus poolside shenanigans. Tomorrow, our adventures in Chitzen Itza!
Super Hombre Tourista displays remarkable feats of strength! Unlike the Hulk, this hero's skin turns red as he gets stronger.


Your brother said...

This post deserves more comments. I love this photos!

still your brother said...

*these photos. Damn it.

Earl J. Woods said...

Thanks Sean!