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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Leaping into Action

This Pulp Figures miniature is posed quite dynamically, and I'm pretty happy with my paint job, though my photo hasn't captured it very well. The sculpt is clearly inspired by the Spirit and the Shadow, and so I feel this character's name should evoke those inspirations. Spirit Shadow? Shadow Spirit? Shazure Sprite? 


Jeff Shyluk said...
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Jeff Shyluk said...

Shade Indigo. Mr. Midnyte. The Dusk Avenger. Major Sundown. Shadoe Stevens... whatever happened to him anyways? Quick Internet check, still among the living. Nightlight. Interstitial Man. Fadeaway Jones. The Extinguisher.

Ooo! Sunset Klaus! Arch-enemy of Government Grant!! Good God on high, don't make me start another comic book.... He's the sometimes-ally of the beautiful but treacherous Monkey Wench... man, I can see it all now.

"Now that's one big monkey!"