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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Restaurant Review: Pat and Mike's

Pat and Mike's Family Restaurant
17732 102 Avenue

Tucked away in Edmonton's west end among car dealerships and industrial parks sits Pat and Mike's, a charming utilitarian diner with down-home greasy spoon charm and hearty, satisfying fare.

Sylvia and I ordered the Breakfast Combo. For roughly eleven dollars we enjoyed French toast, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage and toast on the side. It's pretty hard to screw up breakfast - even I can manage to assemble something close to a decent plate - but I nonetheless appreciate the care and attention lavished on our meals. Our bacon was cooked to the perfect consistency, the hash browns were hot, the toast crispy, the French toast generously battered. Even my eggs were perfect; I always order them over hard, and rarely do cooks actually get it right. This time my eggs were exactly hard enough to prevent the yolks, once broken, from spilling all over my food like a nauseating yellow tide. (I know some people love dipping their toast in yolk, but the very idea makes me reel.)

Service at Pat and Mike's is genuinely warm. In fact, the service provided by the kindly couple that owns the place really elevated the experience. The matron brought us free samples of her baking (Rice Krispy squares and peanut fudge bars) and generally treated us like family.

Canned soda at Pat and Mike's is a little expensive at $1.60, but otherwise this establishment offers good breakfast and excellent service at fair prices. Highly recommended.


Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Carbon-unit Woods, your fanatical adherence to protein mastication is both outdated and inefficient. Eggs poached so soft that they barely maintain their properties as a solid are the next best thing to drinkable protein, and also make possible the delightful Eggs Benedict. If you insist on ruining your unfertilized poultry ova by ingesting them in a non straw-friendly format, why not just scramble them for Xarn's sake?

Earl J. Woods said...

The point is to minimize the possibility of injesting the disgusting yolk. Scrambling eggs completely defeats that noble purpose. Same with soft-poached eggs - runny yellow bile all over my plate, all over my food, eeeuucchhh! Nauseating. Eggs Benedict would be great if I could get them made with egg whites only.