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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Return to the Edge of Nowhere, Part VI

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Satellite dish at the edge of nowhere.
In the last video, Sean and I finally managed to find lodging. Here are some photos of our cabin at Moak Lake:
 We were profoundly grateful to see that note!
After a good sleep, Sean and I hit the road again. We stopped to enjoy the sights and sounds of some modest rapids at Grass River. Here are some photos.

The further north we headed, the more roads were blasted through solid bedrock, as seen here:
Soon we came to the famous rest stop at Ponton:
After Ponton, Leaf Rapids seemed just a hair's breadth away, considering all the distance we'd already travelled. So there was plenty of time for a stop to enjoy the spectacular Pisew Falls, just outside Thompson:

We survived the rainstorm and the insects, and snapped some sweet photos to boot:
We paid heavily for these photos with scores of vicious insect bites. But these wounds were as nothing compared to the bloodsucking monsters we would soon face in Leaf Rapids itself...Leaf Rapids...and the sinkhole...

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