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Thursday, July 19, 2012

From a Safe Distance

Photo shot with the iPhone and edited with Aviary.
"Up periscope!" ordered Captain T.O. Stubbing, commander of the H.M.C.S. As Canadian As Possible Under the Circumstances. His steel-grey eyes widened as he beheld the spectacle revealed by the periscope's stealthy gaze. 

"Och! Superman! And he's smashin' a robot to smithereens!" cried the sub commander. 

"What sort of robot?" barked Lex Luthor, a guest aboard the sub on his way to Halifax to close a lucrative real estate deal.

"See fer yerself," said the captain, offering the bald scientist a peek. 

"My L-417 prototype!" exclaimed Luthor. "That red and blue buffoon has wrecked it!" 

"And saved Nova Scotia!" declared Captain Stubbing, to the cheers of his crew. "So you admit the robot is yours, Luthor. Aye, and now ye're under arrest by the authority of the Queen of Canada."

"Bah!" barked Luthor as the crew cheered again, military policemen clapping him in irons. 

After Luthor was led to the submarine's spacious brig, First Officer F.N. Dynamite approached the captain and whispered sotto voce

"But Captain, how did you and Superman know that Luthor would give away his connection to the robot?" 

Stubbing grunted gruffly and lit his pipe. 

"Superman became suspicious when Luthor started buying up the cheapest real estate in the province," Stubbing explained. "The Man 'o Steel, having seen his own movies, figured that Luthor had some hare-brained scheme to wreck the coastline, making his formerly worthless property spike in value." 

"Pretty unimaginative for Lex Luthor!" said the first officer. 

"Aye," said Captain Stubbing with a wink, "Ye might say that as far as plans go, it was SUB standard." 

The crew groaned.

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