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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunwapta Falls

Sylvia and I are visiting Jasper National Park today. Internet access is sporadic and slow; if possible, I will update this post later today with photos. First stop: Sunwapta Falls!
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UPDATE: As promised, here are some photos...and a video of Sunwapta Falls:

Our cabin at the Sunwapta Falls resort. Excellent service and wonderful food.

A weathered tree stump, shaped by erosion.
Detail of the same tree stump.
Huge canyon at Sunwapta Falls.
Same canyon from the other side.
Anyone who's ever visited Sunwapta Falls remembers these distinctive rock formations, shaped over thousands (tens of thousands? millions?) of years.
I wanted to leap over the fence and feel the texture of this lush moss, but that would have been foolhardy.
Some exposed root system.
It was Sylvia's idea to visit.
Magnificent nature.
Sylvia and the bear.
We also visited the majestic Athabasca Falls.
Several visitors held little regard for nature's pernicious fury.
"All right, I've had enough of nature," Sylvia said.
So we returned to our cabin and enjoyed the fireplace.

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