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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Favourite Holiday Tradition

Last week, I noticed that Log was back. Yes, Log, faithfully burning, popping and cracking, sometimes accompanied by cheerful Christmas elevator music. Seems a little early in the year for Log's return, but I'm not complaining; it's always nice when an old friend makes an unexpected visit.

Log says something interesting about our culture. For the pioneers, the fireplace was an essential component of life; it was how the family stayed warm. These days, a fireplace is a luxury item, a feature for the privileged class. Those of us unable to afford a fireplace have Log, broadcast to the masses, all the light and sound of fire without the warmth and reality.

I do not blame Log; he does what he can. He is a working class Log, doing his best to warm the imagination if not our bodies.

For the first time this year, I noticed a humanistic touch: every so often, Log brings in an anonymous helper, the plaid-shirted arm of a man who stirs the flames with a poker and adds another piece of wood to the fire. There are even hushed, not quite intelligible voices offscreen, helping the viewer imagine that discreet friends are close by, enjoying the fire with you.

Here's to Log, often absent but remarkably constant friend, coming in from the cold for another few weeks. Long Live Log!


Anonymous said...

It's a log blog! If you were watching carefully (or bored out of your gourd) you may have noticed that the arm and poker man was a feature last year as well. This year the new feature is a segment with no music, just the noises of the fire. Just can't get enough of the log!


Benchmark said...

It's funny that you posted about Log, because I just noticed its return as well... and I was startled to notice The Arm. Frankly, there was something not right about The Arm. It was an interloper. It didn't belong.

Log is a lone wolf, man.