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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Lynch's Lights

At the 43:33 mark of episode 11 of season 2 of Jessica Jones, there's a beautifully shot scene in which Jessica has an internal conflict with a mental manifestation of her abuser from the show's first season. In a dimly lit hospital waiting room, Jessica, through dialogue with her hallucination, comes to terms with her actions of the second season. The background lighting is the same shade of purple associated with Jessica's tormentor, while in the foreground Jessica's face is partially obscured by the lights of New York. The scene is only about a minute long, but I was struck by the beautiful effect.

The episode was directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of one of my favourite directors, David Lynch. She's clearly carved out her own visual style, and I like it. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Aluminum Conundrum

I've played Civilization V for years, but only now did I suddenly notice a logic problem within the game. Aluminum is a strategic resource that you need to build certain units. If you fail to mine aluminum, you won't be able to build those units. However, you can build up to five Recycling Centers in your civilization, and each Recycling Center produces a bit of aluminum. If your civilization hasn't mined aluminum, where is this recycled aluminum coming from? Hmmm...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Delayed Situation

Here's another song from the 80s that's new to me, but almost certainly old news to most of my cohort. It's "Situation" by Yazoo, a song that makes me see colours and patterns all over the place, bouncing around willy-nilly; it's mostly coil springs in green and purple, with flashes of yellow and red ball lightning. Again, I'm not sure how I missed this back in grade school, but I'm glad it popped up on my YouTube feed. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Haircut Trauma

While I've always preferred to keep my hair short, I've never liked haircuts. It's completely irrational of me to feel this way, especially since Sylvia's hairdresser and buddy Mia does such an excellent job. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Voyage Home

An early morning cab ride through Queens and we're back at LaGuardia, tired but happy. I knew I'd enjoy the experience, but I'm surprised by just how much I loved this city. Not for a moment did we feel unsafe or unwelcome. Both of us were amazed by what I now see as a true multitude of diversity, not just in terms of ethnicity and culture (though certainly that), but also in temperament, demeanor, fashion, attitude, occupation, even, if I may say unscientifically, aura. New York is perhaps the most worldly city I've yet visited, though of course I've never been to Europe, Africa, South America or Australia.
The greatest reward, though, is the sheer joy Sylvia experienced. She had a number of "New York experiences" that were lifelong dreams for her, and I'm so glad I was along for the ride to see her happiness.
So farewell, New York, and thank you. I hope we return one day. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Eventual Anticlimax

For our last full day in New York, Sylvia and I concoct an ambitious plan to visit Grand Central Terminal, peruse its shops and entertainment, and perhaps even embark on a short train journey. But our plans are thwarted, because the rain is far to heavy to walk the distance and we can't get a cab because of the high demand from United Nations delegates in town for the gathering of the UN General Assembly. Resigned, we hit the closest diner for breakfast and spend the rest of the day catching some sleep for the early morning flight that lies ahead.
New York is by no means a dirty city, but this is, in fact, how they put their garbage out. Trash piles are everywhere, and Sylvia insists on a photo to ensure we show as many facets of the New York experience as possible. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Intrepid Excursion and Laughter in Gotham

Sylvia takes a morning of rest as I venture to the USS Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum. While I have a passing interest in military history, I'm really here for one thing: the space shuttle Enterprise, which now rests on the deck of the Intrepid.
The flight deck holds several helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from across the last several decades.
The real prize--the Enterprise--is inside a weatherproof enclosure on the flight deck. Only when you see one up close do you realize how large these things are.

The museum also houses a used Soyuz capsule. I soon realize I missed seeing Richard Garriot (creator of the Ultima games who flew into space a couple of years back as a private citizen) by one day. One day!
After basking in the glow of the Enterprise for a while, I explore the Intrepid's conning tower.
Many dials, buttons, and switches tempt me to twist, push, and flip them. But I resist.
And that is where we are.
The hangar deck is home to a number of interactive and special exhibits.
The Intrepid in Lego.
Intrepid recovered many returning astronauts. Here's a Mercury capsule recreation.
And a Gemini mockup.
All smiles as we prepare for an evening of laughs at the Gotham Comedy Club.
The stage after the sets.
This set list is missing an unexpected guest: Jim...something. I don't know him, but it's an appearance that thrills Sylvia.