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Monday, December 02, 2013

LEGO Advent Haiku

Several of my friends have made it a tradition to purchase and enjoy the craft beer advent calendar, opening and sampling one beer a day. But because I don't drink alcohol, this tradition is lost to me. But while shopping for other gifts I spotted the LEGO advent calendar. Open one portal a day starting December 1 until December 24 and enjoy a tiny LEGO surprise! What middle-aged kid could resist? Not me.

But I am already a day behind, and as punishment I now promise to write a haiku for each portal I open.

December 1
Police officer smiles big
With an extra cup and hat
Always be prepared

December 2
Sad lonely fireplace
Flames beckon on silent night
Warm bricks, cold hearth


Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Surprise and delight
Most 'grown-ups' couldn't give a
Flying minifig

Looking forward to this!

"A Jefftful Of Datas" said...

Earl's chill penitence
Autumn ends haikus descend
Are we punished, too?