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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Alice Guy's A Story Well Spun

I really did not expect something this hilariously juvenile from Alice Guy, but as a man with a very unsophisticated sense of humour, I love this fast-moving tale of a man pranked by being rolled down a hill in a barrel, knocking over innocent victims like tenpins. The only thing missing is the protagonist throwing up after he finally escapes from the barrel. Bonus half-star for the pun in the title.


Totty said...

You casually drop "Alice Guy" like anyone other than you or a film historian would know who that was. I had to look him up.

And considering you said you liked it, I thought it was curious that the YouTube video which you embedded had 0 likes. Now it has 1, thanks to me. You have failed the YouTube algorithm.

Earl J. Woods said...

Ha ha, so I have, on both counts.

I only became familiar with Alice Guy (or Alice Guy-Blache, as she's also known) a couple of years ago, as part of my effort to watch more films from the early days of cinema. Turns out Alice Guy is a respected pioneer with a respectable filmography. I've seen a couple dozen of her films (most of them shorts, so far) by this point. The longest Alice Guy film I've seen is an epic of the story of Christ, which is why this film felt a bit out of character. On the other hand, some of her other films feature what would be known today as funny animal videos and stupid people tricks, so perhaps I really shouldn't have been surprised.

I have now added my "like" on YouTube to yours.

Totty said...

Good, it should be trending on the YouTube home page in no time at this rate.