Friday, January 18, 2019

Sean's Feat of Strength

Here is Sean pretending to smash a vintage Commodore 1702 monitor, perhaps one of the finest monitors of its era. We sure got a lot of use out of it over the dozen or so years of its lifetime. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

I've got one of those as well, unsmashed. A couple of years ago, I hooked it up to a DVD player, just to see if it would still work. It did. It took a while to warm up and there were visible scan lines. The screen was curved like an astronaut's helmet. I had a hard time believing that was once state of the art, and it made me wonder what things may come that will make today's fanciest monitor look like something pulled off of the set of a Tim Burton movie by comparison.

Sean Woods said...

I think we got more than 12 years out of that, no?

Earl J. Woods said...

You're probably right, Sean. I was around a long time.