Sunday, December 19, 2004

Is This the End of Zombie Chaucer?

Last night Sylvia and I played three games of Zombies!, the game, zombies. She won two out of three, and all three games were won not via the chopper escape, but the gloomier "collect 25 zombies first" method. And one game resulted in a closed city after only nine tiles; there was just one cul-de-sac and a short dead-end street. Very claustrophobic. At first I was afraid that there weren't going to be enough zombies for either Sylvia or me to gather the requisite 25, but a couple of Zombie Master cards solved that problem.

The game has an additional erotic component when you're playing it with a girl; I imagined Sylvia's character as battling her zombies in a red leather bikini and thigh-high boots, with a dagger strapped to one thigh and a shotgun cradled in her arms, blood spattering her pale skin...

Sylvia just rolled her eyes when I told her this, though.

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Leslie said...

Hi Earl!

Poor Sylvia. She certainly is good to you! : )