Monday, July 11, 2005

Tales of Time & Terror #5: Family Food Feud

Yesterday, July 10th, was Mom's birthday. So Sean and Sylvia and I went to Leduc to celebrate. Presented in pictures, here is the tale of that fateful day.

At first, things seemed peaceful enough.

But unbeknownst to the Woods offspring, Robert and Elizabeth Woods were preparing a fiendish feast indeed for their guests - not merely delicious chicken skewers, as they claimed, but delicious chicken skewers LACED WITH GLASS CLEANER!

Glass cleaner - WITH AMMONIA!

Suddenly, the world grew hazy for the three hapless youths.

All grew paranoid!

Brother lashed out against brother....

With frightful consequences!

Blood was spilled - into hapless laps!

Girlfriend attacked boyfriend!

Mother attacked son!

And in the end, some were driven mad by the draconian plot!

Recovering their senses, the intrepid trio fled to Ikea.

Only to be attacked by the merchandise!

Earl called for help.

Sean, too, offered big bucks to survive.

And was put on sale for $269 as "Woobsgoold."


Sean Woods said...

I could NOT stop laughing.


I'm willing to pony up a full 15 awesome points (which can be used by the recipient to curry my favour at a later date) for this masterpiece.

Sean Woods said...

Also note how I carry several different shirts wherever I go.

Prepared for every social event, that's me.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Sean, this entry is pretty funny!

Who knew I lived with such a creative genius?

Now if only I could remember this fateful Sunday :0 tee-hee.....


Dylan said...

Why does Sean look like the bassist for a death metal band?

Sean Woods said...



This is just the latest stage in my career cycle. HAIL SATAN!

Earl J. Woods said...

It's Sean's one-way ticket to midnight.

Call it heavy metal noise.