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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Moving Day

Jeff and Pete Move a TV

Today, my friends Stephen and Audrey Fitzpatrick moved into their new home. Naturally, the gang was on hand to help haul boxes and furniture. As usual, the promise of pizza and liquid refreshment was enough motivation to spend a Saturday putting our muscles to work.

Scott Hauls Tarp

Preparing to Unload

One Truck, One Trip?

One Truck, One Trip? Not in this case. Stephen and Audrey's mighty army of possessions required a second trip, even using U-Haul's mightiest loot wagon.


I was asked to haul bricks, in homage to the time Dustin picked up a box at one of my moves and gasped in surprise, "What's in this box - bricks???" He looked at the box label, only to discover that I'd clearly marked it with the helpful legend:



Fortunately, Stephen's mere trio of bricks was easy enough to handle.

Pete and Stephen Move a Heavy Table Downstairs

Woods in Wooden Shoes

Today also happened to be my 37th birthday, so I celebrated with an impromptu dance, entitled "Woods in Wooden Shoes," seen here.

Tanya and Audrey Celebrate the Completion of the Move

Jeff and Mike Kick Back

The move was accomplished with no injuries, only minor damage to less than half a dozen pieces of furniture, no auto accidents, and less than a dozen gouges gashed into the newly-painted walls. Congratulations on your new home, Stephen and Audrey, and thanks for the birthday cupcake!


Leslie said...

Hi Earl,

I'm glad you survived the move. Love those bricks!

Happy (belated) birthday! May 37 prove to be your best year yet.


Sean Woods said...

Is Scott hauling a body in that blue tarp?

Liam J. said...

Earl with a brick is one of the most frightening things I've ever seen.

"Hey, Sean! Catch this with your eye!"

Anonymous said...

Wooden shoes or not, Earl cannot dance...