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Monday, June 12, 2006

My Excuses for Not Blogging More Often

Dental appointment.

Sunburned during press gallery golf tournament.

Construction projects around the home.

Unexpected journeys backward in time.

Taking goofy photos of Sylvia.

Taking goofy photos in general.

And now for some real content. Of a sort. Can you imagine what Sylvia might be doing in this perplexing photograph? Enter YOUR guess in the comment field!


Anonymous said...

Great entry, Babe. Very entertaining :)!


Leslie said...

Has Sylvia taken up training very large predatory birds? That's quite a ladder! Perhaps you've trained Earl to do windows, Sylvia? Hmm...

Andrea said...

Obviously about to spring a sneak attack from her submarine on the CHAOS headquarters.

susan_rn92 said...

I say it is a ladder to the top of her stack of mattresses ala Princess and the Pea. Of course with Earl around that is Princess and the peanut.

Sean Woods said...

Made-up Answer: Playing a life-sized version of Snakes (on a plane) and Ladders?

Real Answer: I assume she's sequestering herself from one of Earl's frequent bouts of madness.

That, or trying to find me chores around the condo to complete.

Sean Woods said...

On another note, it saddens me that I am not at all surprised that you took a photo of yourself at the dentist.

Anonymous said...

These "entries" are quite

Keep guessing....