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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Back when I worked at Hole's, I helped write a book on bulbs. This poem was composed during an idle moment between chapters, and it's gleaned from the knowledge I gained working on the project. Enjoy! (Or not.)

Bulbs and tubers and rhizomes and corms
What an array of splendiferous forms!
I cover each one with some helpful bulb dust
To stave off the foes like bulb rot and bulb rust
Into my garden I plant them with care
The fresh virgin soil is their comforting lair
Then I bring out my watering hose
And irrigate them from their tops to their toes
Sometimes if I must I will fertilize –
With 10-15-10 – that’s just right for bulb size
Then I must wait for spring to arrive
Tulips in June make me feel so alive
Here come the crocuses and daffodils
In planters and baskets and on windowsills
Hyacinth, scilla, and amaryllis –
The all grow from bulbs that continue to thrill us
Is there a bulb I can say I don’t love?
Nope, they all fit, like a gardener’s glove.


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to write my own poem...

Oh virtuous bulb I place you in the earth,
there is no rhyme for bulb for what it is worth,
You emerge with tendrils of silver and flowers of orange...

Then I get stuck trying to rhyme with silver and orange.

Anonymous said...

What if you substitute "tangerine" for "orange?"

You emerge with tendrils of silver and flowers of tangerine,

Such beautiful colours I had never seen

EPS Sean

susan_rn92 said...

What can I say, you come from a family of poets!