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Friday, June 29, 2007

Queen of the Road

So a few days back I was asked if I'd volunteer to take some photographs of Kevin and a few carefully chosen models for this year's tour van. I'm no professional, but some of the shots turned out pretty well, and one of them was actually used for one side of the van. Even better, Sylvia came out to the shoot since she's done some modelling in the past, and made the final cut. So this summer she'll be touring the province, larger than life, on the side of Kevin's van.

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Anonymous said...

Note how the caption "The Guardian" seems to magically appear above Earl's head, not unlike those funky subtitles in that Denzel Washington flick "Man On Fire".

What does it mean? Who is The Guardian protecting us from? Why doesn't he wear glasses to safeguard his mild-mannered alter-ego? All I know is, the world is a better place with The Guardian to look out for us.