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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Tonight, hundreds of Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft's friends and supporters gathered to say thanks to him and Jeanette for their years of tireless work for democracy. A terrific program of skits, improv, storytelling and video honoured the couple and everything they did to fight for a better Alberta.

Whether or not you agree with the policies and perspective of the Alberta Liberals, I can personally testify that Kevin and Jeanette fought the good fight; they got involved for the right reasons.

A few months back, Kevin announced that he would step down as leader. Now three other men are vying for the job: Mo Elsalhy, David Swann and Dave Taylor. As a staff member of the Official Opposition, I'm not really supposed to take sides, but I will say that having worked with all three men for nearly three years, I know that they, too, are running for the right reasons.

Since this race is a bid for the leadership of the party, only Alberta Liberal party members can vote. I encourage anyone who's interested in grassroots politics to visit and purchase a membership; it's only ten bucks, a bargain for a chance to influence the course of Alberta politics.

For that matter, I encourage anyone to take out a membership in the party of their choice. Party members have a huge influence on who runs for office, and therefore who runs the province or the nation. If you're disenchanted or cynical about politics, getting involved is the only cure.

Below the silly picture, you'll find links to the campaign websites of all three leadership candidates.


Anonymous said...

Meeting Mr. Taft was a memorable experience, he seems to be a very nice guy. We wish him all the best on his future endeavours!

Those of us who are living out-of-province won't have the pleasure of signing up for a Liberal membership, so we will have to content ourselves in our bid to influence Alberta politics by messing around with you, Earl.

Regarding that:

I thought there was going to be a cloverleaf overpass named after me.

Where's my overpass?
Where's my overpass?
Where's my overpass?...

(repeated ad infinitum until I get the response I am looking for)

... Where's my overpass?

Totty said...

And, as Tim Uppal has proved, you don't need to be eligible to vote in an election to vote for party leadership or representatives at the party meetings.