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Monday, January 12, 2009

Superman vs. the Pocketbook

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In this peculiar scene from Action Comics #562, Superman encounters some folks who have been stuck to their cars by a strange form of magnetism. Of course Superman has to rescue them, but were I the fellow in the first panel, I'd be less concerned about my belt and more concerned by Superman firing his heat vision, which can incinerate continents, so close to my crotch.

And the lady with the handbag, while a little rude, does have a point - why would Superman snap the strap when it's clear that all he has to do is lift it over her head to free her?

Then again, who am I to question how Superman does his job? After multiple exposures to every type of kryptonite from pink to silver, not to mention thousands of concussions, a couple of deaths and resurrections, mental manipulation, body transferrals and who knows what else, I'm sure his judgement has probably suffered some permanent impairment.

1 comment:

AllanX said...

If there's one thing Superman loves more than randomly fucking somebody's shit up, it's threatening a guy's manhood with his heat vision.