Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bleak State of Blahgs (plus a couple of thoughts on the Evans/Elniski Affairs)

I hate these stretches when I'm too busy, stressed or tired to write something properly meaty and inspiring. I see other bloggers who churn out good, insightful stuff each and every day, and then I look at my own erratic output and sigh.

Still, I've managed to at least choose and correct the photos for the next installment of Journey to the Edge of Nowhere, which I must finish before heading back to Leaf Rapids in late July.

Most of the political bloggers I follow have been writing about the foot-in-mouth disease outbreak among provincial Tories, but in all honesty I expect PCs to say these kinds of things; they call themselves conservative, so it follows that many (indeed, most) in their party will be socially conservative, right? This is who they are. I don't agree with their viewpoint and I think their musings in recent days have the potential to do harm (if indirect) to women, girls and minorities, but at least Evans and Elniski were honest about their point of view. At least they're giving people a firm basis to endorse or reject their beliefs at the ballot box next time around.

Edited to add: Video found on YouTube via Twitter.


Anonymous said...

WHen viewing the clip, use the "View in YouTube" option (right click on the video. The video was produced in hi-def format, but your blog only supports standard. Bizarrely, it clips out the right hand side of the video, which contains the most inflammatory language.

Also, read the highlighted link in Earl's paragraph for more background information. Still, there are things missing from this story. Who created and who posted this video clip?

Earl J. Woods said...

I wonder how I can get my blog to support widescreen embedding? I'll look into it.

I sent a message to the creator and poster of the video, who describes himself (or herself) as merely a voter, unaffilliated with any party. That's fine by me - anonymous commentary is part of a healthy democracy.

susan_rn92 said...

The Edmonton Journal had an article about this guy and said, he "..puts the twit in twitter." Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all, even in your blog.