Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thou Art What Thou Eateth

While shopping with Sylvia tonight, I came up with a breakfast sandwich to express First-world gluttony and excess:

Three buttermilk pancakes, a slice of ham, four strips of bacon, a generous helping of maple syrup and two pats of butter sandwiched between two pieces of French toast.

With the right pitch, I'll bet I could get this on the menu at Denny's. I'm thinking of calling it the Catastrophe or maybe the Carbon Footprint, but I invite creative alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Earl, you must trademark this tout suite!!!!!!!!! The Americans will gobble this up.

Sean Woods said...

How about "The Buttermilk Bacon Bomber?"

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

When I was working for GW in Ontario, a catering truck would bring around an assortment of foods both tasty and sketchy a couple of times a day, including breakfast. The guiltiest pleasure was a sandwich piled high with bacon (like, an inch thick in the centre), topped with a slice of process cheese and served between two slices of french toast.

I've made them at home a couple times, mostly for a lark, but as tasty as they are, I never feel good after I've eaten them. Not ill, just somehow guilty.

With regards to selling yours, I recommend replacing either the pancakes or french toast with breakfast sausage; Americans like their meat (cf. BK Stacker), and hey, they might be watching their carbs, right? ; )

Colin Dunn said...

Sounds like a McGriddle