Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Irritating Life

Jeff Shyluk has been posting about once a day since he started his entertaining visual blog, and I had to laugh when I came across this:

As I've already said to Jeff, I find it strange that whenever artists depict me in cartoon form, I'm wearing some kind of Star Trek outfit. I have no idea why...

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ZooJeffander said...

It's all about you, isn't it Earl?

Actually, I thought I was being subtle with your wardrobe. I was more worried that Allan would be upset being clothed in a "Two And A Half Men" panel shirt. Then again, considering SimAllan's outfit for the Sims, the Charlie Sheen look is a definite upgrade.

Allan is now and always has been a smart dresser. Except for that one moment that is crystallized now in obscure Sims lore.