Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out of Africa

Tonight Sean and I met up with Mom and Dad in Leduc to see my Mom's sister Jean and her husband, John. Aunt Jean and Uncle John recently returned from a trip to Uganda, where their younger son, my cousin Kevin, is studying primates. You can see some of their adventures at this blog, maintained by Kevin's friend Jim.
Aunt Jean is a painter, and I asked her to pose next to her Charlie Chaplin painting - one of my favourites, since Chaplin is one of my favourite directors.I wonder she'd paint Chaplin as The Great Dictator for me - it's probably the Chaplin film I admire most.
Aunt Jean and Uncle John had some pretty fascinating stories to tell about their time in Africa; Aunt Jean spent some time painting landscapes and willing Ugandans, while Uncle John accompanied Kevin tracking chimpanzees. One of their guides could recognize over 60 chimps by their voices - a pretty amazing feat!

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sassy said...

I just had a look through the blog, what an amazing trip.

(guess that makes me 1 of the "other 4 people") :)