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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In the Now's Summer Blog Challenge

Over at In the Now, Liam Johnstone has revived his annual Summer Blog Challenge, encouraging bloggers to post something meaningful on their blogs at least once a day for a month. Fortunately we, the bloggers, get to decide what "something meaningful" means to us, otherwise I'm sure I'd be disqualified pretty quickly. I'm not sure how much meaning is contained in my comic-strip mashups or random memories!

I've posted links to this year's participants over on the sidebar to the right. I encourage my readers (all two dozen of them) to follow along with me as my fellow bloggers rise to meet Liam's challenge. I'm already in love with some of the titles alone: Analog Coast, Crazy Wookie Cookies, Kick Me Out Soon and Natural Urban Mamas in particular. It makes me wonder if The Bleak House of Blahgs/My Name is Earl (J. Woods) is due for another name change. Coming up with a fitting title for a work or body of work is a challenge in itself, one that can vastly enhance or virtually destroy the chances of your story finding an audience. Something to consider once the challenge is over, perhaps.


Tammy said...

I like the "Bleak House of Blahg"...has a ring to it : )

Shaun Guthrie said...

I look forward to checking out your blog, new blog to the list and mix. Sorry you missed your train ;)