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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Guests of Catan

Jeff and Susan are in town, so Sean came over tonight so we could all enjoy a round of Settlers of Catan. After some initial confusion setting up the board for five players, Jeff and Susan fought for first place while Sylvia and I battled it out for second. Sean, his skills a little rusty from disuse, placed last with an embarrassing two points. However, he emerged as the clear champion of building sculptures from the game pieces, creating an impressive Trojan horse and Lincoln Memorial.


Totty said...

"Batled"? Is that some sort of abbreviated portmanteau of "maturbated" and "battled". A "mastur-battle", but more emphasis on the "bate"ing?

What I'm trying to say is you have a typo.

Earl J. Woods said...

Fixed! Thanks, Mike.