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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Campground Portraits

Here's another pair of photos from the same camping trip as "Campground Portrait." I'm fascinated by the oddly posed quality of all three photos.We're acting like characters in a painting. Sure, we've posed in some other family photos, but always in the typically awkward way families pose for obligatory photos at Christmas or family reunions. These are more like publicity stills for some weird backwoods horror drama.

It's a shame these two photos are so very dark, given the surreal composition; this is as clear as I could make them without introducing unacceptable graininess and noise.


Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Are that...a gun you're holding in that second picture?

I think we might have taken a wrong turn into David Lynch country.

Earl J. Woods said...

That's Sean in the second picture. I hope it isn't a gun, because he would have been about three years old..