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Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Close Call

Given the number of books, photographs and personal writing projects in our basement, I've always been a little worried about flooding. So when Sylvia and I heard a loud bang and then rushing water late last night, the adrenalin rush that slammed through me was stronger than I've felt in years.

Luckily I found the cut off lever before too much water escaped, and Sylvia's uncle discovered the underlying problem today. Thank goodness it's an easy fix! 

1 comment:

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

"Now I find myself laying awake late at night, new leather gloves and a 5-cell Maglite resting on the floor by my night table, waiting, no, hoping to hear that sound again, that I might feel that way once more..."

Seriously though, good work and I'm glad to hear the repairs won't be too onerous; did the cold cause a pipe to break or something else?