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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom and the Dinosaur

Mother's Day is a good time to reflect not only how important our mothers are in our lives, but to wonder what their lives must have been like before we came along. I certainly wonder that sometimes, at least, especially when I run across old photos like this one, which depicts Mom in 1966 sitting on the tail of a dinosaur. The slide was pretty degraded, and it's going to take some more work to properly retouch it, but even as it is I find this image a fascinating glimpse into the past. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

1 comment:

"Jeffspicions" said...

Either your mom looks great for her age, or there is some explanation missing that would solve the riddle of how she co-existed with the dinosaurs.

Mom, you don't look a day older than Pliestocene!