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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Misdemeanor Crimes Against Humanity

  • Stickers stuck on books, impossible to remove without leaving behind awful residue that collects grime for the next thirty years. 
  • Poutine. 
  • Ties. Why? Whyyyy?
  • The slow disappearance of mass market paperbacks. 
  • Related: changes in format in the middle of a book or film series, leaving you with mismatched books or DVDs on your shelf. 
  • Hair growing from your ears and nostrils despite its refusal to grow atop your skull. 
  • Cooing baby sound effects used in popular music tracks.
But you know, if these are my worst problems, I must have it pretty good. And now to sour my mood...time to watch Premier Jim Prentice's live address to Albertans, a paid political advertisement brought to you by the province's perennially ill-governed citizens. 

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