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Sunday, July 19, 2015

All the Worlds I Left Behind

I haven't actually left any worlds behind, but the title of this post just leaped from fingers to keyboard and so there it sits, perhaps as impetus to add 75,000 or so more words to a future novel. Sure, sure, big talk...I'm not giving up, though. One day, if I'm not felled by fate first. Literate alliteration! Nice. 

I haven't left these worlds behind, but I'd visit them at the drop of a hat: 

Tarzan's Africa
John Carter's Mars
Kirk's Federation
Buffy's Sunnydale
Serge Storms' Florida
Shirley Jackson's Hill House
Metropolis, Delaware
Stephen King's Maine (as long as I was guaranteed safe passage)

There are so many more. I may never finish my novel or screenplay, but I wouldn't have even started if it weren't for the inspiration of the many imaginative people, famous and not, who pushed me into trying to build worlds of my own, if only half-realized. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

What an interesting topic, I like this one a lot.

Would you drive by Superman's house? I would not. On the other hand, most people survive Maine, although of course Death gets us all eventually. What if Superman's Delaware and King's Maine shared a universe? Probably John Munch would be the common element.

That's what I'd like to see:

The John Munch continuum, which stretches from 1990's Baltimore to NYC to the Muppets, the X-Files and the Addams Family, and farther. The police reports alone would be fascinating! So would reality TV.


Moonbase Alpha
Megacity One (safe passage ticket, sign me up)
The HMS Surprise
Big Inning Iowa
James Bond's Jamaica
Elvis' Hawaii
Los Angeles, November 2019
Phloston Paradise
Jed Clampett's Beverly Hills
Gilligan's Island
The Spirited Away Bathhouse
The Offices of E. Edward Grey
Marlinspike Hall
Maybe the USS Dallas...?

I agree with most of your list, too, especially John Carter's Mars/Barsoom.
Strangely, I don't want to visit Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars, anywhere James Cameron has been, or the Star Wars universe. I like those worlds, but I wouldn't want my own adventure in them.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Gonna add:

Twin Peaks & One Eyed Jack's (but not Lumberton)
Cinecittà's Rome

Earl J. Woods said...

All very good additions, many of which I'd be interested in myself, particularly Twin Peaks. No way am I visiting Moonbase Alpha, that place is a deathtrap. And even if you avoid dying, you're destined to go insane at some point.

I should also add Pellucidar, Narnia (even as an atheist, assuming I could get in), maybe Asimov's Robots universe, or the Foundation - in the post-collapse era.

Would I stop by Superman's house? Hmmm, what an interesting idea...