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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Dream Front War

I awoke this morning aching all over - aches and pains I can still feel as I write. I'm in pain because last night I was caught in the shockwave of two explosions and had to swim my way out of a vehicle sinking into the Ottawa River.

The dream began innocently enough. It was late spring, and Sean and I were taking a quick stroll through the woods, crossing the border from the log cabin we were visiting into Alaska, the U.S. state that occupies just the northern coastline of the Alaskan peninsula; the rest of the peninsula, of course, belongs to the Canadian province of Yukon.

As Sean and I meandered along a thickly-wooded path, we came across the smoking ruin of a Canadian fighter jet. Before we could even really process the sight, another jet streaked above us, dropping bombs just a few metres away, destroying about a dozen rail cars. Sean and I were blasted back by the shockwave, but we were spared serious injury thanks to landing in deep snow.

Clearly, we were at war. We attempted to cross the border back into Canada, but we were stopped by American soldiers, who packed us into an Army truck and deported us to Montreal. The trip took two weeks.

The next thing I remember is being in a luxurious apartment in an Ottawa high-rise. Sean and I were discussing possible plots for the next DC Comics film. We agreed there should be a scene in which Superman and Captain Marvel are on Wonder Woman's Paradise Island, which has been enchanted so that Superman is powerless there. Captain Marvel solves this predicament by throwing Superman away from the island like a discus.

While we were having this discussion, I glimpsed a flash outside the window. Peeling the blinds back, I saw a cruise missle flying along the course of the Ottawa River, quickly joined by another in close pursuit. The first missle dove underwater and struck a Canadian submarine, but the sub suffered no damage. Unfortunately, the second missle slammed into a glass-walled restaurant, destroying an entire wall and sending dozens of patrons into the river.

Attempting rescue, Sean and I drove my car down the stairs and across the river, but a secondary explosion ruptured the car's integrity and we started to sink. We had to swim free, and suddenly I was at Andrew Fisher's wedding. Niki Atwal spotted me and called me over to his table, but then Dad showed up and said it was time to go; Mom, Sean and Sylvia were waiting in the greenhouse. As we were leaving I wound up stepping on a box with a cat inside it, tipping it over, much to the consternation of the cat; Dad righted the box. We joined Mom, Sean and Sylvia in the greenhouse lobby, and a bunny hopped around us, leading us to the exit, where it jumped up to pull the door open for us. The greenhouse owner was amazed, saying the bunny had never done that before.

Belatedly, I pulled out my phone to post a Facebook update about being apprehended by the Americans. It caused quite a stir until I woke up and realized that I was dreaming and sent out a correction to that effect. And then I actually woke up, checked my phone and realized that I'd sent out neither dream-related update.

My muscles still ache, though.

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