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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Red-Nosed with Laughter

Earlier today I noticed an orange sticker on the ceiling above my cubicle.

"What's this orange sticker?" I asked, pointing to it even though no one was watching or listening. If I squinted, I thought I could make out the old Edmonton Telephones logo.

I stood in the doorway of my cubicle for a better look. At that moment, one of my colleagues passed by.

"Can you read that?" I asked.

"Property of Edmonton Telephones," she answered.

Vindication! Then I noticed that my co-worker seemed to be heading home a little early.

"Are you leaving us?" I asked.

"Doctor's appointment," she said. "I've been waiting two months to see this person."

"Have fun," I said, returning to my cubicle. Then, after she left, I reconsidered my statement.

"I suppose you're not likely to have fun at the doctor," I said, beginning to chuckle, "Unless she's a Doctor of Clown Studies!"

I barely managed to squeak out the punchline over my hysterical laughter, though my remaining co-workers did not seem amused. 

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