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Friday, July 29, 2016

Newton Place

I lived in Newton Place, on the University of Alberta campus, for about a year. This is one of only three or photos I have of that time. I have only a few memories of Newton Place: it was where I watched the finale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I once dropped a glass in the laundry room and stepped on a sliver of it, leaving bloody footprints on the floor, and Pat and Leslie dropped in for an impromptu visit one night. We don't do impromptu visits in our culture very often. I think they're kind of nice, but on the other hand, I'm not brave enough to drop in unannounced myself, and I understand why they don't happen regularly. Or is it just a matter of age? Is it the sort of thing people in their 20s do, then stop as they enter middle age?

What a shame that we only get one go-round to figure out all of these little mysteries. 

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