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Thursday, April 13, 2017

An X-ceptional X-perience

Logan transcends genre by embracing it and respecting - no, fulfilling -  its potential. Expertly paced and scripted, with standout performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart - who have never been better - Logan is the rare film without a single false note. Gorgeous in its epic tragedy, this is unquestionably the finest film of its type, and a great film in its own right. Its choices are courageous, its climax perfectly inevitable, its themes vital, its near-future setting utterly believable.

Most importantly of all, Logan is profoundly moving, and each incredible moment is earned.

Precious few films accomplish their goals as flawlessly as this. Logan reveals the inherent ugliness of humanity and civilization, while somehow managing to capture our fleeting moments of compassion and greatness, righteously exalting - x-alting - them. It is the perfect synthesis of hope and despair, failure and victory, love and hate - the forces that both curse and empower our troubled species.

If the universe made any sense at all, this would be the last X-Men film, the perfect capstone on an uneven but more-satisfying-than-not extended narrative.


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Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Very glad you enjoyed it! Some people (other than me) are now wondering if Logan might have a shot at next year's Oscars...