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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Ceti Alpha Flashback

Just hours after I wrote yesterday's post, rumors emerged of a new Star Trek project by Nicholas Meyer: an account of Khan's years marooned on Ceti Alpha V.

Despite my regard for Meyer's body of work, and despite my musings yesterday on the benefits of a Star Trek anthology series, I find myself slightly underwhelmed by this news, perhaps because the story has already been covered in various spin-off media. On the other hand, it's still Nicholas Meyer; he's a great writer, and if anyone can make Khan interesting again, he's the man to do it. And if the miniseries is successful, maybe we'll get something resembling Fuller's lost anthology concept after all. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

The only way this show will work is if Khan teams up with Abraham Lincoln, OBVIOUSLY, since Khan lacks diplomacy and diminishes anybody still loyal to the Federation. Khan + Lincoln with a phaser and a communicator can solve nearly any episode just about by themselves.

Marla McGivers, though, Marla, Marla, Marla... gain some stats you might not need, but risk the chance of damaging yourself in the process. A fine woman, yes, but one cannot grasp a double-edged sword by the blade.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Hmm, reading back on that last comment of mine... I wrote it with Ricardo Montalban Voice in mind, so if you do that it parses okay. If you read it with Comic Book Guy Voice, it comes out... unmanly. Standing orders are from here on in and if possible retroactively to read all of my posts in either Ricardo Montalban Voice, William Shatner Voice, or Judge Dredd/Batman Voice. Maybe Sean Connery Voice.