Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Up All Night Obsessing Over this Music Video

I quite enjoy Beck's "Up All Night," but its video confuses me. Its protagonist is presented as a heroine rescuing her boyfriend (or perhaps brother?), but she's the opposite of sympathetic, as she callously commits a number of venal crimes throughout the story:

11-24 seconds: vandalism
33 seconds: rudely shoves Snow White aside; also jaywalking
50 seconds: petty theft
54 seconds: littering
1:16: more littering
1:26: breaking and entering plus destruction of private property
1:28 and 1:40: shoving
1:42-1:47: assault with a deadly weapon
1:48: destruction of private property
1:50: assault with a deadly weapon
1:53: assault
2:17-2:22 petty theft
2:28 possession of illegal drugs
2:36 more shoving
2:49 public intoxication

More puzzling still, once she rescues her boyfriend (or brother), she vanishes, leaving him to escape in a silver Corvette by riding atop it while it's being driven by no one. 

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