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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Earl of Green Gables, Day Three: Taking a Gander at Gander

I thought it would be nice to venture a little further inland, so we drove to Gander, mostly just to say we'd been there and to create a touchpoint between this trip and last year's journey to New York, where we saw Come From Away on Broadway--the play, of course, being set in Gander in the immediate wake of the 9/11 disaster. Unfortunately, this was one of the few gloomy days of the trip, and Gander itself--no slight on the town intended--reminded me a little too much of the isolated towns I grew up in in northern Manitoba to present much of new interest.

However, Sylvia and I did enjoy a laugh-filled--nigh hysterical, in fact--conversation over lunch, started by, of all things, a game of darts on the television. I'm afraid I made something of a spectacle of myself, losing my composure. I can't share the conversation here for fear of making readers think I'm insane, sadly. 

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