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Monday, June 29, 2020

Letterboxd Collections

Not long ago, Letterboxd added a "Collections" feature to users' statistics pages. If you click to embiggen, you'll see which of those collections I've seen. For most people, the interesting thing won't be which collections I've completed, but which groups of films Letterboxd chooses to collect; some of these are far from obvious. 

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Totty said...

Not many of the collections surprised me with their existence so much as I didn't know there were enough movies to make a collection, like It's Alive.

And I'm judging you for seeing all 3 Bad Boys and all 9 Fast/Furious movies and all of the Twilight movies. And I say that as a person who has seen (I think) 5 of the 6 Resident Evil movies.

The variety of Tarzan collections is quite interesting.