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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Landing Party

A while ago I found a deal on a blind batch of Star Trek HeroClix figures. I bought a bunch because HeroClix figures scale very nicely with most of my other miniatures. All you have to do is separate the mini from its HeroClix base, glue it to a generic 28mm base, and voila, you have a painted miniature ready to go. 

I didn't even mind getting a bunch of doubles, because this gave me the opportunity to repaint extra Chekovs, Sulus, Rands, and McCoys into all-new, never-before-seen Starfleet officers. So from right to left, allow me to introduce you to Lieutenant Nadeem Nakai, Lieutenant Shakira Moore, Ensign Ralph Weber, Ensign Terbish, Lieutenant Commander Present Tense, Ensign Bailey Nickels, and Lieutenant Commander  Graphite Pueblo. 

Oh, who's that fellow in the shadows on the far left? More about him tomorrow. 


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