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Monday, December 27, 2021

Fog Crawler

A few weeks ago, I painted this fog crawler for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. It bugs me that I'm consistently better at painting creatures than people. 

Here's a shot of the base. I tried to make it look like a sandbar with water on each side. 

Here's a shot of the fog crawler's backside, showing off its colourful tail. 

Another forward angle just to show off the texture. As with the mirelurks, I painted this model while it was still in pieces to avoid getting the wrong paint on the wrong parts. 

1 comment:

Jeff Shyluk said...

Nobody is great at everything, except maybe Michelangelo. Even he had a crowd of assistants to do the stuff he couldn't, either from time constraints or possibly talent constraints.

All painters have things they do well and things they do not so well. Sometimes, you end up repeating over and over the stuff you are good at, and other times you end up pushing the envelope or fighting block. Either way, you enhance the positives and try to keep the negatives from the prying eyes of the lumpenproletariat.