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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Nuka-World Cacti

Here's a stand of fake cacti--fake not in the sense that they're miniatures made of plastic, but that in the world they inhabit, these cacti are made not of flesh and water, but plastic and metal. Jeff 3D-printed some Fallout: Wasteland Warfare STLs for me, and I've started painting the Nuka-World set. Nuka-World is a theme park set outside Boston in the Fallout 4 computer game; it has a bit of a Wild West feel in some places, hence the cacti. 

I painted these exclusively with Citadel contrast paints, just to see if they would do a serviceable job. I think they'll do; because these are fake sets in the world of the games, I don't mind them looking a little plastic-y or metallic, rather than natural. 

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