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Friday, February 24, 2023

10 Monsters I could Outrun If I Had To

1. The Mummy (Boris Karloff version) 
2. The Blob (original version) 
3. Frankenstein's Monster (Boris Karloff version) 
4. The Bride of Frankenstein
5. The Invisible Man (Claude Rains version) 
6. The Creature from the Black Lagoon (on land) 
7. Standard Dalek (no antrigravs installed) 
8. The Creeping Terror
9. Romero-style zombies
10. The Green Slime

The key in all cases is to ensure you don't get cornered. Given an open playing field, the average healthy human being who doesn't panic or take stupid chances or box themselves in should be able to escape any of these guys without too much trouble, although there's a chance you might get shot in the back by a Dalek with a death beam.



Jeff Shyluk said...

I think a Romero Zombie would be hardier than a 1970's-era Cylon. Considering that Muffit killed a Cylon with one bite, that's one thing. Then there's the episode where an entire Cylon garrison is wiped out by six kids and Starbuck. And rust.

That show, Episode #9, "The Young Lords", has one of my favourite of all time science fiction sequences, albeit because I have a weakness for people in armour falling down stairs (there's the great video of the fan in Imperial Stormtrooper garb rolling down several dozen stairs just prior to the opening of The Force Awakens, but that's the icing on this cake.).

They Cylons have somehow exterminated nearly the entire medieval civilization of the planet Atilla, yet they remain to occupy one forlorn castle in the studio backlot. At one point, the Centurions are tasked with going down the stone stairs with no handrails while wearing chrome buckets on their heads with mini pinball machines pasted to the front. They only have three Cylon suits, so three absolutely benighted stuntmen have to work their way down these stairs without falling off of them and getting killed. It's a wonderful scene. Thankfully nobody was injured, at least not in the take they used for broadcast TV.

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

But your pursuers don’t need to rest, eat, or excrete - you may be able to outpace them in your infinite running space paradigm, but I don’t know if you could truly escape them…