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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Visitor Night Patrol

Your friends, the Visitors, are in your neighbourhoods nightly to protect you from the so-called "resistance." Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from your Visitor allies! 

Here's the second Visitor jeep I've painted. The first I painted white to match the TV show, but this time around I decided to go with basic black for variety--and because black pigment is easier to work with. The results may be non-canonical, but I'm really quite pleased by the vibe of fascistic menace that's resulted. I even hand-painted the creepy Visitor logo onto the hood. It's not perfect, but to the naked eye it looks pretty good. 

Starting tomorrow, it's the 2024 edition of Lego Advent Calendar Haiku! Get ready for your daily dose of holiday spirit, Lego, and bad poetry. 

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