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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Western Legends

Today Sean came over for a couple of games of Western Legends, a board game where you take on the role of an Old West figure of legend and perform deeds of deviltry or derring-do to become the greatest legend of the era. We played two games: Sean ran away with a massive victory in the first by finishing off his escapades with some rather intense carousing, and he won the second by a comfortable margin by arresting my character (Jesse James), mining tons of gold, and finishing off with some more revelry. 

This was the first game played in the library space I've been converting for some years now. There's finally space for a small gaming table, what's left of my physical books, and most of my Lego and gaming material. Perhaps I'll finish this project in time for retirement. 

We also screened two cult films: The Visitor, a truly off-the-wall quasi-religious science fiction spectacle from Italy starring John Huston, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, and Shelley Winters; and Impulse, In which William Shatner chews the scenery as never before in a 1970s serial killer spectacle. 

A good day! 

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Totty said...

I thought to myself, "Hey, I've seen Impulse, though I didn't remember Shatner in it."

Then I realized I saw 'Impulse (1984)', not 'Impulse (1970)'.