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Friday, February 02, 2024

How Many Can I Identify?

Taylor Swift: I know who she is - I became a Swiftie with "Shake It Off" and the 1989 album. 
Bad Bunny: No clue.
The Weeknd: I recently discovered The Weeknd thanks to the Ms. Marvel show. I only know one of his songs, though: "Blinding Light." 
Drake: I think this is a Canadian rapper, but I don't know any of his songs.
Peso Pluma: No clue.
Feid: No clue.
Karol G.: No clue. 
SZA: No clue.
Kanye West: I know Kanye because he said Beyonce deserved the Grammy more than Taylor, and because he later embraced the alt-right. But I don't know his music.
Lana Del Rey: Never heard of her, but is she perhaps heir to the Del Rey publishing fortune?
Eminem: I know him, he's the real Slim Shady and he has that one song that goes "meep, moop, meep, moop...gangster's paradise" 
Metro Boomin: No clue.
Junior H: No clue.
Ed Sheeran: I believe this fellow has very orange hair, and I think he collaborated with Taylor Swift once. Don't know his music, though.
Arijit Singh: No clue.
Ariana Grande: The name is familiar, but I don't think I can count her because I can't think of any of her music.
Travis Scott: Judging by the name, must be a country and western artist? No? No idea.
Morgan Wallen: No idea.
Billie Eilish: I know the name because it's one of my Photoshop Express filters, but couldn't tell you about any of her songs.
Rihanna: She wrote a cool song for Star Trek Beyond, and she's a Trekkie!

9 out of 19, if you're feeling generous. I try not to fall out of touch with modern popular culture, but clearly I'm failing when it comes to 2020s pop.  


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Sean Woods said...

I think you would like Lana Del Rey.