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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Earl's Nut Preference Ranking

  1. Brazil
  2. Macadamia
  3. Coconut
  4. Pecan
  5. Walnut
  6. Pistachio
  7. Cashew
  8. Filbert
  9. Peanut
  10. Almond
Pine nuts not ranked because I don't think I've ever eaten a pine nut. 

Do not store nuts in your refrigerator; they get mushy. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

Aw, nuts:

Earl J. Woods said...

I am constant as the Northern Star!

Sean Woods said...

You've eaten a pine nut. I made a sheet pan of roasted Brussels sprouts and bacon w/pine nuts for one of our family holiday meals.

Earl J. Woods said...

Zounds! That's true!