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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Fisk Trailer

Here we have a mobile office of the type commonly seen on construction sites. Since I used to work for ATCO, which produces units like this, I decided to paint this 28mm-scale model in ATCO colours, though of course in the real world the yellow stripe goes on top. 

It took many, many coats of white paint to accomplish even this level of whiteness, which as you can see isn't exactly uniform. It is, however, much better than it was for most of the painting process. 

I haven't quite finished. I'll add a light ink wash and some weathering effects to make this look like it's been soiled by the dust and debris kicked up by construction. 


Sean Woods said...

White is really tough to work with. I start out with a light grey, then thin layer after thin layer of white. This looks great, regardless!

Jeff Shyluk said...

White definitely a bear. I avoid it, if possible.