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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Jurgen Tolstoy, the Fishtorian

Here is a 28mm-scale representation of Jurgen Tolstoy, known far and wide as "The Fishtorian" for his almost believable tales of fishing history and legends. Some say that he is far older than he looks, and that he has gone by many names . . . 

I painted this generic fisherman mini in colours I thought fitting for the profession: orange boots, gloves, and hat, yellow rain slicker, a red and white first aide kit, etc. At this close range, you can see all the flaws of my paint job, and the lack of any sort of depth or nuance; this guy is strictly paint-by-numbers. I think it's partially a matter of confidence; this miniature has a lot of very tiny details, so I focus on trying to "colour between the lines," as it were, while avoiding any complicated techniques. 


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